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IGC Türkiye

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IGC.events is a joint venture by Enerchange and ThinkGeoEnergy focused on holding geothermal energy events bringing together decision makers from all segments of the global geothermal energy sector. The objective is to provide a business and industry focused platform for discussions on current state of affairs in the geothermal world, as well as a forum for discussions on the future of the industry.

IGC Online Meeting: Upper Rhine Graben

Due to the Covid-19 virus, which makes physical meetings and especially networking events for the next months impossible, we will start in June the IGC Online Meetings. The objective is to meet virtually on a platform to speak about geothermal topics, exchange with other participants and learn more about new geothermal developments in distinct fields. The first topic for presentations and discussions is the upcoming geothermal hotspot in the Upper Rhine Graben. Register now for up-to-date information about the potential, the challenges, the chances and projects in France, Switzerland and Germany.

Media and Cooperation Partners


ThinkGeoEnergy, is a geothermal focused advisory firm working for corporate clients on strategic, marketing and corporate finance related activities.

The firm operates the leading geothermal news website and network, covering the complete value chain of the geothermal power sector and industrial scale direct use sector globally.

Informationsportal Tiefe Geothermie

The Informationsportal Tiefe Geothermie is the content strongest and most actual news plattform about deep geothermal energy in the German speaking area. The website offers in addition to the news a monthly newsletter and an extensive mercantile directory related to the news and German geothermal projects.


JeotermalHaberler is the new geothermal news platform for the Turkish market in Turkish language. The is a collaboration between ThinkGeoEnergy, the leading global geothermal news platform and Enerchange. Website: www.jeotermalhaberler.com



Dr. Jochen Schneider

The Upper Rhine Graben. The most challenging and rewarding environment for geothermal heat and power production in Germany

Dr. Wolfgang Bauer
360plus Consult GmbH

Seismic Monitoring of the Insheim Reservoir, URG - Implications for the Reservoir Management

Dr. Ludger Küperkoch
Institut für geothermisches Ressourcenmanagement (IGEM)

The Lithium Challenge

Lena Kölbel


Jean-Jacques Graff

25 years smooth operation of the Heat Plant in Riehen and the extensional plans

Matthias Meier
Erdwärme Riehen

New Developments of the combind Heat and Power Plant in Bruchsal

Dorothee Siefert

Geothermal operation feedback of the Soultz and Rittershoffen plants after 4 years of operations

Clément Baujard
ÉS Géothermie

News from our Websites

06.04.2021 UnLimited

Unlimited-Newsletter: Alle Projektaktivitäten auf einen Blick

In Kürze wird die erste Ausgabe des UnLimited-Newsletter erscheinen. Als Abonnent erhalten Sie regelmäßig Informationen über die aktuellen Projektfortschritte und geplanten Tätigkeiten zum Thema Lithiumgewinnung aus heißen Tiefenwässern in Deutschland. Hier schnell und einfach zum Newsletter anmelden.

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06.04.2021 UnLimited

Unlimited Newsletter: All project activities at a glance

The first issue of the UnLimited newsletter will be published shortly. As a subscriber, you will receive regular information about the current project progress and planned activities about lithium extraction from hot deep water in Germany.  Sign up for the newsletter quickly and easily here.

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01.04.2021 UnLimited

3D Animation veranschaulicht den geplanten Lithiumextraktionsprozess in Bruchsal

Eine Animation über den Prozess der Lithiumextrakation aus dem in Bruchsal geförderten geothermischen Tiefenwasser wurde von der EnBW erstellt. Das Video zeigt eine originalgetreue Reproduktion der Standortbedingungen in Bruchsal und zeigt in vereinfachter Form die Gewinnung von Lithium mittels Adsorptions- und Desorptionsprozessen basierend auf dem Einsatz lithiumselektiver Adsorbentien. Die deutsche Version der Prozessanimation finden Sie...

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01.04.2021 UnLimited

3D process animation explaining the basic process of lithium recovery from geothermal waters

An animation about the lithium recovery process designed for the Bruchsal geothermal site was created by EnBW. The video depicts a faithful reproduction of the site conditions at Bruchsal and in a simplified form shows the extraction of lithium via adsorption and desorption processes using lithium-selective adsorbents. The English version of the process animation can be seen ...

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26.03.2021 Informationsportal Tiefe Geothermie

EnBW AG und der MVV Energie AG erhalten Aufsuchungserlaubnis im Raum Rhein-Neckar

Das Landesamt für Geologie, Rohstoffe und Bergbau (LGRB) im Regierungspräsidium Freiburg (RP) hat der EnBW AG (Karlsruhe) und der MVV Energie AG (Mannheim) die bergrechtliche Erlaubnis zur Aufsuchung von Erdwärme im Feld „Hardt“ im Raum Heidelberg-Mannheim-Schwetzingen erteilt.

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