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As already announced at the IGC Online Meeting 2020: Upper Rhine Graben all registered participants get the access to the presentations via download. Please fill in your username and password you received by email in the fields below.

  As soon as you have registered, a feedback form appears. We would like to ask you to give us your opinion about the IGC Online Meeting. You can also skip the form to go directly to the program overview pages, where you find the approved presentations. Please keep in mind it is not allowed to forward the access code to non-participants.

If you were participant and did not receive a download link or the link does not work, please contact us either by email (agentur@enerchange.de).

If you could not participate and are interested in the presentations, please contact us with the confirmation that you agree on the cost of 100 EUR (+VAT) for the Download Link. Than we will send you an invocie and after payment the access code.

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