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Enerchange and ThinkGeoEnergy invite you to join our weekly Focus on Geothermal webinar, every Friday at the end of the working week at 2.00 pm (CET).

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Fr. December 10, 2021: Clément Baujard: Feedback from Soultz-sous-Forêts, Rittershoffen and Illkirch industrial geothermal sites operation and environmental monitoring

Here you find the past Focus on Geothermal presentations, some of them published on our youtube-channel:

Fr. December 3, 2021: Gerrit Fuelling: Lithium: Resources, Processes, Economics & Feasibility

Fr. November 19, 2021: Cristina Vasilache (Schlumberger): Enabling geothermal growing using Electric Submersible Pumps at 225°C

Fr. November 12, 2021: Sebastian Homuth (Deutsche ErdWärme GmbH): The geothermal power plant project Graben-Neudorf and further developments of Deutsche Erdwärme

Fr. November 5, 2021: Mark McClure (ResFrac Corporation): Multistage Stimulation with Limited-Entry Completion Could Enable a Breakthrough for EGS

Fr. October 29, 2021: Bastien Hermant (TLS Geothermics): Magnetotelluric exploration of a crustal fault zone geothermal system in the French Massif Central

Fr. October 22, 2021: Hansruedi Maurer (ETH Zürich): Studying the behavior of Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) using Deep Underground Laboratories

Fr. October 15, 2021: Gordon Stove (Adrok Ltd.): Green technology for finding subsurface geothermal zones from ground level before drilling

Fr. October 8, 2021: Dorothee Siefert (EnBW AG): CO2 handling in binary systems - modelling CO2 contents, salinity and p-T conditions

Fr. October 1, 2021: :Gregor Rumberg (International Geothermal Association): Geothermal Direct Use opportunities in Central America

Fr. September 24, 2021: Dr. Tobias Fritschle (Geologischer Dienst NRW): DGE-ROLLOUT - Promoting Deep Geothermal Energy in North-West Europe

Fr. September 17, 2021: Alexander Richter (WGC Organizing Comitee): Introducing WGC 2020+1

Fr. September 10, 2021: Morteza Esmaeil Pour (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology): Multilateral closed deep geothermal system: a new approach for sustainable geothermal energy.

Fr. August 27, 2021: Isabelle Chambefort (GNS Science): Geothermal: The Next Generation - toward supercritical resource in New Zealand.

Fr. July 16, 2021: Phlippe Dumas (EGEC) & Torsten Rosenboom (WFW): Invest in Geothermal: Risk Management and promising geothermal Markets

Fr. July 02, 2021: Jean-Philippe Gibaud (GEOLITH): Lithium extraction from geothermal brines: feedback from pilot tests

Fr. June 18, 2021: Maria Ueltzen (Rödl & Partner): Continuation of the GRMF Program in East Africa

Fr. June 11, 2021: Jörg Uhde (Pfalzwerke geofuture): Virtual Tour in the Geothermal Power Plant Insheim

Fr. June 4, 2021: Fida Abu Libdeh (GeoSilica): GeoSilica – deriving value from geothermal brine

Fr. May 21, 2021: Elif Kaymakci (EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG): Lithium for batteries from geothermal waters in Germany - The joint project UnLimited

Fr. May 07, 2021: Dr. Annamária Nádor (Mining and Geological Survey of Hungary): Hungary's first interactive geothermal information platform - unlocking the potential in the Pannoninan basin

Fr. April 23, 2021: Ryan Law (Geothermal Engineering LTD): Conversion of hydrocarbon wells to geothermal. A real world on-shore example from the UK

Fr. April 9, 2021: Igor Kocis (GA Drilling): Deep Geothermal by PLASMABIT Technology

Fr. March 26, 2021Dr.-Ing. Florian Heberle (Center of Energy Technology (ZET), University of Bayreuth): Environmental evaluation of a Geothermal Power Plant in the Southern German Molasse Basin by a Life Cycle Analysis 

Fr. March 12, 2021: Daniel Holzer (DrillTec GUT GmbH): Glass Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Casing System for Geothermal Application

Fr. February 26, 2021: Yvonne A'Campo: Risk Assessment of HSE Risks of Ultra Deep Geothermal Energy and Enhanced Geothermal Systems in the Netherlands

Fr. February 12, 2021: Phlippe Dumas (EGEC): Funding of Heating and Cooling Infrastructures

Fr. Januar 29, 2021: Gad Shoshan (Ormat Technologies Inc.): Recent installations - implications for the future of Geothermal Energy in Turkey

Fr. January 15, 2020: Dr. Hartwig Schröder (ENEX POWER Germany): CO2 in Geothermal Power Plants - Capturing, Compression and Injection

Fr. December 18, 2020: Jean Schmittbuhl (EOST - Université de Strasbourg): Recent earthquakes in Strasbourg: first lessons learned from seismic observations

Fr. December 11, 2020: Alexander Richter (ThinkGeoEnergy): Mapping geothermal power generation - ThinkGeoEnergy’s updated Global Geothermal Power Plant Map

Fr., November 27, 2020: Torsten Rosenboom (WFW) Marit Brommer (IGA) Jochen Schneider: Review of the IGC Invest Geothermal Online Meeting

Fr. November 13, 2020: Emmanuel Auger (Baker Hughes): Monitoring the induced seismicity of a long project in the context of difficult social acceptance

Fr. October 30, 2020: Alexander Richter (ThinkGeoEnergy) & Jochen Schneider (Enerchange): Introducing the IGC Invest Geothermal Online Meeting on Switzerland, France and Croatia

Fr. October 2, 2020: Dr. Jochen Schneider (Enerchange): Geothermal Energy in Bavaria: Market Conditions & Praxisforum Geothermie.Bayern 2020

Fr. September 18, 2020: Clare Baxter (Seequent): Enhancing drilling collaboration with innovative cloud solutions and workflows.

Fr. September 4, 2020: Julian Richardson (Parhelion): Risk finance for geothermal resource development

Fr. August 21, 2020: Prof. Dr. Alper Baba (Izmir Institute of Technology): Re-using geothermally produced CO2 in Geothermal Power Plants

Fr. August 7, 2020: Alex Richter (Iceland Renewable Energy Cluster/ThinkGeoEnergy): Where are Things Going with Geothermal?

Fr. July 24, 2020: Robert Winsloe (Eavor Technologies): A progress update on Eavor's closed-loop system and their upcoming geothermal project in Geretsried

Fr. July 10, 2020: Philippe Dumas (EGEC): The EU green deal: a new energy and climate policy framework for a Geothermal decade?

Fr. June 26, 2020: Dr. Maren Brehme (TU Delft): Geothermal Energy in the Netherlands - Experiences, Potentials and Targets

Fr. June 12, 2020: Edda Sif Pind Aradóttir (CEO - CarbFix):: Carbfix – capturing and turning CO2 to stone

Fr. May 29, 2020: Daniel Mölk (Country Manager Indonesia @ Steag GmbH):: Geothermal Development in Indonesia.

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